Terrace, veranda and porch glazing

Terrace and veranda glazing provides a new comfortable room and at the same time hepls with energy saving and keeping your house warm. Roofing and glazing protect your teracce or veranda against the impact of weather which comes stronger every year and can cause extensive damages. This step protects also pavement and room under the terrace or veranda. The construction is on the basis of  aluminium frame systems Cortizo wih high resistance to weather. There is no further maintenance, the matterial gets never yellow as it does by plastic and you don’t need any further finishing as it is needed by wood. See more about Advantages of aluminium construction. There is ventilation and draining implementation by terrace and veranda glazing using profiles allowing many different techniques and solutions. By veranda glazing is the system added by angle profiles which connect to building walls, draining cannals with thermal break and connecting profiles allowing all kinds of opening. Sealing system made uot of EPDM is resistant to weather impact and bringst perfect aluminium system inadmissibility.

To have the advantages of glazing but also the possibility to open your terrace or veranda fully, see frameless glazing system Aluvista or frameless glazing system BKS. 

Options of implementing

  1. 1

    • True colours in different shades
    • Wooden effect
    • Anodised surface working, prolonging colour lifespan
    • Colour fastness warranty
  2. 2
    Roof glazing
    • Double-insulting glass
    • Translucent polycarbonate / never gets yellow, UV protection/
    • Cellular polycarbonate- Lexan (Sample)
    • Acrylate glass (Low-priced alternative)
  3. 3
    • Fixed parts of openings
    • Sliding parts of openings in full range of widht to 12 m (Sample)
    • hight of a wall 2,6 m
    • Possibility to combine aluminium and wood (Sample)
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Aluminium construction advantages

  • Construction put together by assembling- not welding
  • Easy to dismount and change parts anytime
  • High quality of chosen materials- corrosion and weathering- resistant
  • Low material expansivity
  • No subsequent maintenance
  • Colour fastness
  • Reduction of construction weight and building
  • More light using translucent roofing materials
  • Hight quality certificed aluminium systems Cortizo. See profiles.