Frame sliding aluminium system

Frame sliding aluminium system

Frame sliding glazing system is made from aluminium profiles which create  a very strong, durable and light construction with a 9 mm groove for padding. There are two variants of frame system- fixed- without an opening possibility  or sliding –in 2 or 5 parts. Both variants can be combined according to customer’s whish, so the usage of this system is universal. Aluminium frame sliding in top and botom rail is filled with padding with wide different possibilities customising to customers’ requests: translucent Lexan, safety glass Connex, different types of glass, double-sided plastic cladding etc. Windows slide one behind other so the range of opening is 4/5 of glazed part.

Balustrading padding possibilities

  1. 1
    Safety glass Connex®

    See sample. Safety glass Connex is a perfect choice for security increasing of your balcony glazing. Laminated structure of safety glass is created by printed circuit of two or more translucent glass layers with one or more layers of polyvinilbutyral foil (PVB foil) which can be translucent or opaque. The outstanding featrures of PVB foil are high solidity, adhesion and elasticity. In case of glass breaking, sherds cling to foil, so there is a low possibility of accidental or violent attack hurt.

    Balcony glazing with safety glass provides:

    • Reducing dazzling, warmth reflecting
    • Noise absorbtion, UV reduction
    • Rust, scratch an weather resistance
  2. 2
    Cellular polycarbonate panel – LEXAN
     Cellular polycarbonate panel - LEXAN  See sample of Cellular polycarbonate panel – LEXAN Cellular polycarbonate panels are an outstanding unbreakable material. They are usualy used in balcony glazing by balustrading padding. They contain a UV protection layer which provides resistence to ageing by weather impact, long lifespan, long duration of optic qualities and helps sustain high solidity and capacity. This foil is placed on one side of panel, which is  marked clearly on the protective foil. This side of cellular panel is placed by implementation towards exterior.



    • High breaking resistence
    • High weather effect resistence
    • Low weight
    • Easy implementation
    • Stability of physical and mechanic qualities in wide range of temperature (-40 ˚C, + 115˚C)
    • Possibility of cold-bending
    • Homogene surface, easy maintenance
    • High light permeability
    • Fire resistence – class B,s1,d0
  3. 3
    Translucent polycarbonate panel
     Balcony glazing- padding Translucent polycarbonate panel Thickness of translucent polycarbonate panel comes in variants: 3, 4,5 and 6 mm.Translucent polycarbonate panel looks similarily like glass or plexiglass. A great advantage of this form of polycarbonate panel is that it is practically unbreakable. Its standard form is translucent or lightly coloured (white, brown, grey).This material is highly fireproof – self-extinguishing. As it is a form of plastic, it can get scratched and unfortunatelly, scratches cannot be cleared (polishing makes material dull and protective UV layer gets destroyed). Features of translucent polycarbonate panel :

    • Easy work in many ways
    • High breaking resistence
    • Enables room brighten
    • Wide range of usage in temperatures from – 100 ° C to + 120 ° C
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    Plastic cladding
    Balcony glazing – polycarbonate panel See sample.Plastic cladding has thanks to its cavitied structure great thermo- and noise-insulating qualities. It can be combined with others thermo-insulating materials, too. Nowadays, interior and exterior cladding belong to favourite decorative materials in balcony glazing.
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  1. More about frame sliding system (klik and view)

    Aluminium profiles surfacing is with white colour powdery nail RAL 9010 or anodising in silver colour. All material used for joining parts together is stainless steel class A2. All plastic components and putty are UV stabile which provides long lifespan of whole system and its colour and function stability. Cleaning glasses of sliding system is made easier by possibility to take off constituetent wings. It is recommened to use normal non- abrasive cleaning products. Sliding of a wing is led by top and bottom rail supplied by draining openings for melting snow and rain water. This sliding system is not hanging- whole weight carries bottom part of profile an wings are led by the same size top profile in level of balustrading (profile does not reach to interior of loggia). Direction of sliding can be left, right or from the middle to both sides.


    This post is also available in: Slovak, German