HINGED aluminium windows and doors

cortizo-pantove-okna-dvereAluminium hinged windows add a new dimension to your rooms.To provide high quality, Cor 70 CC16 system with thermal break was chosen for implementation. It is a hinged 70 mm window system with a potent insulation capacity and with a transmission value from only 0,9 W/m²K which has been achieved thanks to the perfect combination and design of aluminium profiles, 35 mm tubular polyamide rods, E.P.D.M  tubular water tightness gaskets and a system of polyolefine foam that is fitted around the glazing space perimeter.Possiblity of straight and chamfered sashes and straight, chamfered or curved beads.With its large glazing capacity of up to 65 mm it presents to this system some excellent accoustic and thermal features allowing the use of large glazing thicknesses and energy efficiencies. More about Aluminium systems Cortizo.


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