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Millenium Plus Door System with thermal break

Coplanar door entry system with straight 70 mm and thermally broken for commercial premises and buildings.It reaches unbeatable thermal features and its great glazing capacity guarantees a máximum accoustic insulation. Possibility of high resistance hinges (face fix or re-inforced in to the channel) capable of supporting up to 220 kgs in weight per sash. More.



dvere millenium 2000

Millennium 2000 Door System

45 mm coplanar door system for commercial premises and buildings. Available in 2 versions:

- Millenium 2000 door: with face fix hinges and 2 or 3 high resistance pins capable of supporting up to 180 kg. per sash.

– Millenium 2000 automatic door: Allows doors to be made for automatic opening sliders. This new solution that optimises the stay spaces, has been specifically designed to resolve entrances with high transit (offices, shopping centres, hospitals…) as it guarantees good pedestrian circulation as well as security in emergency situations. More.

Cor 60 RPT

There is also the possibility of straight and chamfered sashes and beads.

There is a possibility of opening into or out of interior and many ways how the door or window can be open : sliding, folding,hinged… More.




Cor-70 Industrial system with thermal break

A hinged window system that was conceived with the object of satisfying the needs of a determined market segment for an economical window system, simple but versatile with many features.Its simplicity in fitting and reduced need for labour allows for a more industrialised manufacture resulting with time and cost savings at the end.It features a straight style in both sash and bead.A glazing capacity of up to 65.5 mm that allows the use of energy efficient glazing and compositions with large thicknesses and affords this system excellent accoustic and thermal features. More.

cor 60cc16 s ptp

Cor-60 CC16 system with thermal break

A hinged 60 mm window sysytem with a transmission value of only 2,2 W/m²K that is achieved thanks to the perfect unión and design of aluminium profiles, tubular 25 mm polyamide rods, E.P.D.M water tightness gaskets and a polyolefine foam fitted around the glazing space perimeter.There is also the possibility of straight and chamfered sashes and for straight, chamfered and curved beads. More.

cor 4600 zdvizno-posuvny hi s ptm

4600 Sliding/Elevating HI System with thermal break

A new sliding/elevating door system that exhibits the best thermal insulation in all the sliding range with unbeatable transmission values (UH) from 1.0 (W/m²K). The possibility of large sash dimensions makes this system ideal for enclosing large spaces and guaranteeing internal luminosity without foregoing the maximum thermal and acoustic performances. It is a robust system in appearance but light at the same time with an ultra smooth opening action and perfect sash sliding over a stainless steel rail that avoids wear and tear. More.

cor 4500 zdivzno-posuvny  s PTM

4500 Sliding/Elevating System with thermal break

A perimetral sliding door system with thermal breaking and a bevelled or curved style both in sashes and beads.There are two versions:

– 4500 elevating sliding that bases its operation on a system in which the sashes are fitted with a mechanism that permits its own elevation whilst opening and descending when closing in such a way that the closed door rests over the top and bottom longitudinal water tightness gaskets allowing it to be fixed in whatever position.

– 4500 in line sliding (not elevating) allows  the sliders to be made economically in large dimensions.It presents configurations of sash fixed light, Fixed light sash fixed light, 2 sashes 2 fixed lights and 4 sashes.   The rail where the sashes slide along is made of stainless steel in order to avoid wear and tear. More.

systém 4200 posuvný s PTM

4200 Sliding system with thermal break

A versatile system with multiple perimetral frames and the possibility of head or perimetral sashes.This presents a stylish option with curved or straight sashes. In its version of straight head sashes, the GALANDAGE 4200 Slider solution is included.  It is designed to allow the possibility of an integral opening in the space to totally hide the sashes in the building’s curtain wall chamber.  This achieves a 100% opening surface. The GALANDAGE option allows a single rail and dual rail frame allowing for balcony systems with 1, 2 & 4 hidden sashes.It also allows for the incorporation of one sash in parallel hidden from the Tamiz solar protection system. More.

Systém 2000 Posuvný

2000 Perimetral Sliding System

A perimetral sliding system with the possibility of straight, bevelled and curved sashes.

Sliding of  2, 3, 4 & 6 sashes.

Possibility of 1 or 3 rails. More


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