Frameless turn and slide system BKS

HFrameless turn and slide system BKS

Frameless turn and slide system BKS

Frameless turn and slide system BKS is mainly used for additional balcony and loggia glazing and terrace and shelters sheeting. Pifema Ltd. Is the only provider and distributor of this product for Slovakia.

Frameless turn and slide system BKS is componed from aluminium leading profiles without thermal parts and 8 or 10 mm pure safety glass with snuffed edges. Roller- bearings are made out of stainless steel which protects from corosion. There is movment of two roller-bearings in every pillar and the aluminium profiles are equiped by polyamid brush sealing. Window glasses are moved and hinged into the room of loggia. Pairs of top and bottom roller-bearings enable window glasses moving and turnig  in any angle. This makes possible to put all the windows to one side even if the ground plan is hexagonal. Silicone moldings between glasses are transparent, in shape of letter “H” and as well as sealings, profiles an plastic components UV stabilized. Top an bottom leading rails have also additional aluminium profiles that enable vertical correction of uneven floor or cealing.

Maxiumum height for BKS system usage is 2900 mm and recommanded width of window glasses is 600 – 800 mm.

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