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Winter conservatory

Winter conservatory is an important relax zone of your home and that is also the reason to have it done in high quailty so you can enjoy your relax without any bother. Winter conservatory should have high thermal-insulating qualities. Thanks to double-insulating glass- expenses for your winter conservatory heating are low. You can also choose more affordable roof-glazing material Lexan /cellular polycarbonate/. Our winter conservatories are realized by using aluminium construction with thermal break only, so there is no mist on your windows and heat leakage..

Options of implementing

  1. 1

    • True colours in different shades
    • Wooden effect
    • Anodised surface working, prolonging colour lifespan
    • Colour fastness warranty
  2. 2
    Roof glazing
    • Double-insulting glass
    • Translucent polycarbonate / never gets yellow, UV protection/
    • Cellular polycarbonate- Lexan (Sample)
    • Acrylate glass (Low-priced alternative)
  3. 3
    • Fixed parts of openings
    • Sliding parts of openings in full range of widht to 12 m (Sample)
    • hight of a wall 2,6 m
    • Possibility to combine aluminium and wood (Sample)
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Aluminium construction advantages

  • Construction put together by assembling- not welding
  • Easy to dismount and change parts anytime
  • High quality of chosen materials- corrosion and weathering- resistant
  • Low material expansivity
  • No subsequent maintenance
  • Colour fastness
  • Reduction of construction weight and building
  • More light using translucent roofing materials
  • Hight quality certified aluminium systems Cortizo. See profiles.

Summer conservatory

Summer conservatory is suitable solution as a terrace- or porch glazing. As we use a summer conservatory for spring, summer an autumn period mainly, there is no reason to putt the accent on high insulation quality, as we do by winter conservatory. Aluminium construction comes without thermal break, for glazing  is used 4 mm single- safety glass (a lower- priced variant of double- safety glass used by winter conservatory). For roof glazing is chosen lightweight cellular polycarbonate Lexan. Sample

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